Carpet Manufacturing

Nylon, Polyester or Polypropylene yarns are tufted, woven or needlepunched into long wearing surface constructions. Our carpets can be tufted into various woven or non-woven primary backings. We can offer many secondary backing options, such as; Molded recycled rubber, Thermoplastic rubber or PVC.

Non-woven carpets can be needlepunched into flat, dilour (plush pile) or ribbed surface patterns. While many of our carpets are made from recycled plastic bottles, customers can specify fiber type, like polypropylene or polyester (PET). Final backing is; latex, crumb, recycled rubber, Thermoplastic rubber or PVC.


We work with PVC, TPO, TPR, TPE and Polyethylene coated or extruded materials. Plastics can be formulated into semi-rigid, foamed or Thermo formable constructions. Click Here For More


Flat, dilour or textured needle-punch materials in polyester (PET) or polypropylene. Supported (latex) or unsupported. Dimensionally stable non-woven scrims. Needle-punch materials with different coatins such as latex, polyethylene, EVA and polypropylene.

Acoustical/NVH Products

Non lead-loaded weighted, flexible PVC, EVA and TPO barriers, reinforced and non-reinforced. Acoustical and NHV products are a niche category of AMI and an area where we offer outstanding expertise. Click Here For More

Molded Recycled Rubber

Automated recycled rubber pressing. In-house CNC machines cut mold designs used in the rubber pressing.


Continuous sheeting of extruded material is used in various constructions.


Die-cut products, gluing, stapling and other assembly processes.

Cut and Sew

Products cut to specification, bound or surged.

RF Sealing

Radio frequency and thermal sealing.

Digital and Sublimation Printing

Digital printing on textile and PVC. Heat transfer printing capabilities.

Insulation Materials

Thermal and heat-deflecting. Click Here For More