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As a responsible manufacturing company, Apache is committed to incorporating recycled materials back into mats, preventing more waste products from entering our landfills. Every year, we use 3.2 million scrap tires in our matting and over 2 million plastic bottles in our carpet surfaces.

Our Apache Ecomat brand includes products with the highest level of recycled material content. In fact, we list the amount of recycled materials (by product weight) on many of our products, listed in our green content logo.

We are constantly reinventing our processes and materials to maintain our premier status as the environmentally friendly matting company. Apache is committed to offering greener products to this industry.

To us, green matters.

Apache's green products are driving our business growth. In 2012, it represented 50% of our turn over and it is continuing to grow.

As the demand for more sustainable design and construction practices has grown, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system has become the adopted standard used by governments, building owners, and architects to evaluate how a building will ultimately perform within these green criteria. Apache is taking on a leadership role by offering matting products with extremely high level of post-consumer/industrial recycled material content. In addition, And our products are manufactured domestically eliminating excessive use of fuel consumption.

The Apache Ecomat qualifies for LEED credits in four categories:

Energy and Atmosphere
Indoor Environmental Quality
Materials and Resources
Innovation and Design Process

At Apache, we are constantly working towards reducing our environmental footprint -- and it starts with our products. Many of our products use high levels of recycled materials. They are durable and domestically made. Few products can match our Apacahe Ecomat collections with their 85% minimum recycled material content by overall weight.

The following products are built with exceptionally high levels of recycled materials:

Home Product Collections

Ecomat - Masterpiece:  92%
Ecomat - Naturelles:  95%
Ecomat - CleanScrape:   88%
Ecomat - 3D Impressions:   95%
Ecomat - Textures:   95%
Ecomat - Manhattan:   92%
Ecomat - DuraTex:   92%
Ecomat - PolyTop:   95%
Ecomat - Ruff N Tuff:   96%

Commercial Products

Ecomat - Squares:   95%
Ecomat - Crosshatch:   95%
Ecomat - Montage:   88%
Ecomat - CleanScrape:   90%
Ecomat - Mission:   96%
AquaFlow:   60%
Super Grip:   60%
Eco DiamondStar:   45%
Eco Diamond Foot:   52%
Eco Diamond Runner:   96%
Counter Tred:   50%
GridStep:   96%